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I already love Michael Franti’s song “Say Hey”, but he’s impressed me again so much with this song!  I love it when I find a song that can cross over for almost every single wedding dance or tradition!

This Michael Franti song, “Have a little faith”, is perfect for a first dance song, grand entrance song, wedding ceremony recessional song, bridal party dance song, cake cutting song, brother sister dance song, father daughter dance song, mother son dance song, etc.


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I’m really, really, really excited by this!  Make sure the lyrics are right for your relationship with your brother, of course.  It seems to be about a brother and sister that do not have the opportunity to see eachother very often.

If you really like a song, but the lyrics don’t quite fit your situation…you can always find an instrumental version or just hope that your wedding guests won’t pay that much attention to the lyrics.
Here I am again,
Overwhelming feelings
A thousand miles away
From your ocean home
Part of me is near

Thoughts of what we were invade
The miles that stand between
We can’t separate
Your all I hoped you’d become

Sister I see you
Dancing on the stage
Of memory
Sister I miss you (more…)

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I haven’t posted one of these in awhile, and I know I have a ton of brides in this predicament.  It’s time DJs started including brother sister wedding dance songs on their standard website lists.

Jason Mraz – “Life is Wonderful”

I would definitely suggest this for any type of wedding dance such as a bridal dance, father daughter dance song, mother son dance song, seriously…ANYTHING!

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Going on a tangent, like always!  This is a fun brother sister wedding dance.  For those of you who don’t understand why I post these, there are tons of brides who have a father that has passed and their brother is taking on the traditional father roles at their reception.

Would be fun for a bridal party dance song, too!

Bob Marley “Three Little Birds”

I won’t bother with the lyrics, because he says the same thing over and over and over and over and over again.


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If you’re looking for a dance with your brother at your wedding, I think you might like this one!

Christina Aguilera “I Turn To You”

When I’m lost in the rain,
In your eyes I know I’ll find the light
To light my way.
And when I’m scared,
And losing ground,
When my world is going crazy,
You can turn it all around.
And when I’m down you’re there
– pushing me to the top.
You’re always there,
giving me all you’ve got.
For a shield from the storm,
For a friend, for a love
to keep me safe and warm
I turn to you. (more…)

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This song may come across as a little sad for a wedding, but I would personally use it at my own wedding.  The main chorus is really sweet. In fact, I’m running over to my blood sister’s FB page to share it!

I’m sure there could be some other really creative uses for this song, including a dance with your own brother, if you wish.

Bruce Springsteen “Blood Brothers”

We played king of the mountain out on the end
The world come chargin’ up the hill, and we were women and men
Now there’s so much that time, time and memory fade away
We got our own roads to ride and chances we gotta take
We stood side by side each one fightin’ for the other
We said until we died we’d always be blood brothers

Now the hardness of this world slowly grinds your dreams away
Makin’ a fool’s joke out of the promises we make
And what once seemed black and white turns to so many shades of gray
We lose ourselves in work to do and bills to pay
And it’s a ride, ride, ride, and there ain’t much cover
With no one runnin’ by your side my blood brother

On through the houses of the dead past those fallen in their tracks
Always movin’ ahead and never lookin’ back
Now I don’t know how I feel, I don’t know how I feel tonight
If I’ve fallen ‘neath the wheel, if I’ve lost or I’ve gained sight
I don’t even know why, I don’t why I made this call
Or if any of this matters anymore after all

But the stars are burnin’ bright like some mystery uncovered
I’ll keep movin’ through the dark with you in my heart
My blood brother

Do you have any good bridal party dance song ideas?  I’d love to hear them!

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A smooth new version of Time After Time by Ronan Keating…

I think I found a new star crush.  :)

This would be great for your wedding dance with parents, brother sister wedding dance or bridal party dance.

Of course I realize this is a remake.  But I think it was time for one.

Lying in my bed I hear the clock tick,
and think of you
caught up in circles confusion–
is nothing new
Flashback–warm nights–
almost left behind
suitcases of memories,
time after–

sometimes you picture me–
I’m walking too far ahead (more…)

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Dancing 4Use this as you will, it is so completely gorgeous.  It’s  a remake of the Beatles song and from the Movie I Am Sam.

It could serve as a ceremony processional, prelude music, a wedding first dance, a bridal party dance (if you have a small party and you don’t plan on formal introductions), a mother son or father daughter dance song, cocktail music, a dance with your brother, a wedding video song, etc.  A seriously PERFECT wedding song!

It’s short and sweet (2 minutes), which helps if you don’t want the spotlight on you or have to move your dances along quickly, but also means it would have to be mixed into another song for your processional music.

Oddly, I found this version when I was doing Yoga today.  LOL.

Sarah McLachlan “Blackbird”  Download the MP3 here.

Here’s a great! acoustic guitar version by Don latarski.  Download the MP3 here.

A more soulful version by Cheryl Porter.  Download the MP3 here.

A beautiful piano version by Jon Simon.  Download the Mp3 here.

We post new wedding song ideas every single day!  Not the cookie-cutter lists you’ll find elsewhere, but unique and fun ideas that aren’t over-played.  Of course, we’ll post traditional stuff, too!  There’s a reason why they’re traditional.   :)

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If you have a really good singer or a wedding DJ providing the music for your ceremony processional, this song would be beautiful for your walk down the aisle or candle-lighting ceremony.

Eva Cassidy “Take My Breath Away”  Download the MP3 Here.

I’m in girl love with Eva right now.  I also think you should check out her version of:

“At Last” Download the MP3

“Wonderful World” (duet with Katie Melua)

Sorry, I can’t find it on Amazon. :(

“Over The Rainbow” Download the MP3.

She is an absolutely amazing artist, and her voice is that of an angel.

If you have ideas to share, please comment.  If you like what you see here, I’d love to know about it!

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If you didn’t catch the first song of this new series, look up “Just the Way You Are” Wedding Song Remakes.  Here are some remakes of “Because You Loved Me”, a song that has absolutely perfect lyrics, but may be a bit overplayed in its original form. (more…)

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