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Our wedding grand entrance was the most exciting moment of the day.  I’m sure all brides will agree that the feeling is indescribable. 

While the grand entrance will always be extremely powerful left untouched, it’s always fun to plus it +

1)  If your dance floor is in the perfect spot in the room, have your DJ invite all of your guests out there and form two lines, or a horseshoe.  Whatever works best.  I believe that a crowd gets more energy when they are close together, so the applause will be nuts!  Your bridal party can be introduced and then join them, while you and your groom can go into the middle and do your first dance.  Talk about a GRAND moment!

2)  After your first dance is finished, your DJ can invite all of your guests out there to share in a special dance together. 

3)  Your DJ could then ask everyone to remain on the dance floor for a group pic!  Those shots are great, and there is no better way to remember every one that shared in your big day!

Timing is crucial here!  You may want to move toasts to the latter part of dinner.  I’m sure your best man and maid won’t have a problem with the extra time to down a couple of drinks!

Stay tuned for more fun ideas!  Our goal is to give our brides as many options as possible, and allow them to pick what suits them best.  No two A Bride’s DJ weddings are alike, and we plan to keep it that way!

Diana 🙂


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I like the first minute or so of the choreographed wedding dance (right after the traditional slow dance).  I think brides sometimes worry too much about putting together something big and elaborate, when all guests really want to sit through is a minute or two of fun!  Unless you’re a professional dancer, consider throwing just a small piece into the middle of a traditional first dance song.

Your DJ should be able to edit it for you!

We have a great series starting up!  Stay tuned for tons of fun wedding songs and tips!

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We ripped this idea off from our bride this weekend.  She had some really funny music choices, but the garter removal song had us rolling.

This song is extremely spicy, so listen through and make sure you aren’t the shy type.  Remember, your wedding DJ can cue it up to any part you’d like.  Some brides would freak at the thought of doing something like this at their wedding!  That’s what  makes weddings fun, I think.  Everyone does their own thing depending on their own personality, and the personality of their wedding guests.

“It’s Business Time”  Flight of the Concordes

Comment if you like it.  Comment if you hate it.  If you have great ideas, share them here.  Subscribe for updates in the right-hand corner of the screen.   We post unique and unheard-of wedding music ideas every single day.

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You’re about to sit through the most obnoxious two minutes…just to get to the 10 second part I want you to see.  But you have to admit those cheeks are well worth the visit.  🙂

After the “intro”, David Lee Roth says, “What?  Well…let me roll up onto the sidewalk and take a look.  Whooaaa…she’s beautiful”. 

This would be hilarious as the intro for the garter removal tradition.  Especially if your fiance just happens to be a mechanic, and is interested in using one of those dolly-thinga-ma-jiggers to roll underneath your dress.  I posted a video under Funny Stuff awhile back.

Enjoy!   Let me know what you think!

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In case you haven’t seen it, this TV show actually copied from a real bride and groom that did the same at their recent wedding.  I’ve posted the scene from The Office, and also the original (previously posted somewhere in my blog).  If you want ideas for doing your own choreographed dance, check under our folder Funny Wedding Stuff under  “Choreographed Dances”.

Who knows?  Maybe you’ll be the next famous couple!

Please share your own videos, ideas and comments.  Check back daily, as we post new wedding song ideas and other cool stuff in a way that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

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clown_head Concerning the Proper Age to Get Married
“Once I’m done with kindergarten, I’m going to find me a wife” -Bert, five years old


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clown_headHow Does a Person Decide Whom to marry?
“You flip a nickel, and heads means you stay with him and tails means you try the next one.” -Kelly, nine years old

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